Jessie's Story from a Hospice Nurse: Several years ago I treated a young man from Key West, Florida who was dying of AIDS. A couple of weeks before he died, he gave me his 75 year old family recipe for Key Lime Pie. He explained that most Key Lime Pie recipes use condensed milk. Even restaurants in Key West serve Key Lime Pie made with condensed milk. Jessie was disdainful of this version. His family recipe, passed from generation to generation, does not used condensed milk. Jessie claimed it is the only authentic Key Lime Pie recipe. So in memory of Jessie, I offer it to you. Please keep story with Jessie's recipe .
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Once upon a time I had a father in law who could cook. That being said, that is about the only thing we had in common. However he made the best Mac and Cheese. I tried for ages to get him to give us his recipe. He gave me a cookbook and said the recipe is in here. Now, I can cook. That wasn't the recipe. So I Never got the blooming thing. However... This recipe from Bon Ap is much better.
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This is from the old Amy Vanderbilt cookbook. DO NOT USE PUMPKIN PIE MIX that comes in a can. You want only pumpkin not the mix which already has spices in it. This recipe uses a 9 inch unbaked pie shell.
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This recipe from Veggie Life became one of our favorites An eggless, milkless cake that turns out very nice every time. I prefer the Creme De Menthe version to the tea or the peppermint extract version. The peppermint extract version is almost like a peppermint patty. The Creme De Menthe is more like a Andies.
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Sweetiebarbara posted 20:56, 19 Feb 2008

It's good to see you here... I also joined VOX


sshadmand posted 17:56, 22 Sep 2007

It's always nice to see hard core foodies sign up. Can't wait to see your recipes!